Dining Room Table – December 2008

This is my Christmas present for Tish this year.  She’s wanted a bigger dining table for a while now.  This was a really fun project and all the kids and Tish helped with this one.  It took 6 days from start to finish.  I took pics of the entire process.  Enjoy…


This is what we started with.  A quick trip to Home depot  (followed by 3 more trips to pick up small things I forgot or didn’t account for)


This is the basic frame for the legs.


One set of table legs


The completed pair of Table legs


Connected the legs together with braces for the table top.


Legs connected with braces on bottom


Top of table on the assembled frame (notice the Barbie casualty)


Another view of the table top support.


Will cutting the miter corners for the table top.


Lainey sanding the the table top support smooth


On the third day of Christmas… Three kids a sanding


This is the mitered board for the table top


There are 11×11 tiles in the top of the table.


Grouted the space between the tiles with wood filler.


Finished table, yet to be stained


Finished Table, still yet to be stained.


It’s Done!




The project took 6 days and about $120.00 total.  It is made from mostly pine, and a little red oak.

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  1. WOW!!! What an AWESOME job y’all did! You should make a couple more and sell them. They are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Oh my gosh what a good job. Love it, love it, love it.

  3. You Rock! (Don’t tell Kelli about the name:))


  4. This is so cool! I hope to meet your family some day at the Ozark Folk Center State Park in Mountain View! But still I think the trebuchet was so neat…did the M & M shatter? LOL

  5. This is just awesome, your wife must have LOVED this. Only thing missing on your website, an order form! LOL

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